10 + 1 reasons to study with us

At GBU-Europe, we have been offering high-quality education for decades.

Here are 10 + 1 reasons why you should study with us

Recognisability & Dual Degrees

Graduate with two degrees: for selected programmes, our graduates can be issued, upon graduation, with a second degree from one of our internationally-recognised partners. Graduate with a world-class degree from GBU-Europe and a degree from one of our globally recognised partners!



Join a community of over 15,000 students around the world, all of whom are in key positions in the business world


Flexible learning experience

We take time to listen to your needs and, in consultation with our expert academics, we work out with you what’s best for your individual circumstances


Choice of study mode

You can earn a degree from us either by studying at an Local Tuition Centre or via Distance Learning



You have the freedom to start your course whenever you’d like. Further, you have the freedom to move on: GBU-Europe has progression agreements with top universities around the world, such as, for example, University of West London (see here!)


Study at your own pace

All of our programmes have flexible deadlines and no compulsory assignments or homework, meaning that you can take study at your own pace – whenever and wherever you can! 


End-of-year certificates

Your time with us counts; at the end of each year of all of our undergraduate programmes you are awarded a certificate



All of our programmes have been developed with one idea in mind: to ensure that as soon as your graduate you will be able to apply everything you’ve learnt in the real world


Financial flexibility

We have interest-free annual instalments and easy, charge-free ways of paying fees


Admission letter valid for 6 months

Unlike many other universities, we will issue you with an Admission Letter that is valid for 6 months, meaning that you have the time to apply for external scholarships and that you can start paying only when you are ready


Personal connection

We will treat you as an individual. We will always have the time to listen to you and to facilitate your learning experience


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