6 Reasons Why Education Is Important For Our Success 

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‘’Education leads to success’’ may sound like a cliché and a platitude. Is it void of truth, though?

We hear that education is power and that it can change our lives. A university degree aims to develop students’ critical analysis and instil in them new points of view and values. These fantastic tools can certainly lead to professional success but, even more so, they can help you live a better life. So let’s take a look at a few reasons why education is important:   

1. Take The Reins 

When we think about achieving success in life, we quickly realise that an essential tool we need, the one that will give us all others, is education. Education will open doors for you and allow you to take control of your life. Education is the enabler in work, family, or social standing. We see examples of people with better health, jobs, and relationships around us. Who live to fulfil their goals and dreams. So what’s the common denominator? You guessed it! Education. 

The relationship between education and success is clear. Higher education will be rewarding in so many aspects beyond your career for your family as well as your community. As a result, you can provide better for those around you and enjoy life to the fullest. It gives meaning to a complex, competing world of infinite possibilities. It helps us set clear goals and maintain sight of what is of value to us. When you think about it…there’s really no life aspect that education wouldn’t positively affect. 

2. Change Begins Within

The most important role of education in society is that it lets us know ourselves better so we can live together more peacefully. It provides a view of the human condition, that is, what it means to be human, our limits, and dreams. Changing society begins with each one of us individually. 

We all know humanity’s problems: ecological disasters, technological and financial crises, inequality, various social and political injustices. Apart from giving us new eyes to see the world, education also builds our moral compass. Our understanding grows more profound, and we can tell right from wrong.  

Respecting what is different while celebrating who we are, allows room for cultural prosperity. And with respect comes care and progress. Education is essential because it helps us develop as a society and a species. We learn that through community engagement, we can solve our problems. Conscious of our communal ties, we can positively impact each other’s lives. Education teaches us that we are all responsible for each other. 

3. Skill Development

During their university studies, students learn a vital skill: time management, i.e., how to finish on time, how to handle more than one task, and how to cooperate with different individuals to do so. Going into the workplace, this translates into interpersonal and organisational skills. And make no mistake! These are skills you need for any job. 

Our world is characterised by financial disparity, and not everyone has an equal chance at success. In fact, not everyone will succeed. Higher education is the best thing you can have to reach a higher standard of living. It will equip you with the needed skills, open doors, and land you a job.  

Still, trying to figure it out? Well, hear it directly from our graduates here at GBU-Europe. We asked how education has helped them succeed professionally, and this is what they said

4. Higher Education, Higher Pay

It’s common knowledge nowadays that degree holders earn more per year than high school graduates. Even though a higher education will not guarantee a luxurious lifestyle, it will land you a better-paying job. When thinking about the importance of university education, we should consider how it will affect the quality of our lives. More relaxation, free time, and a wider range of options are things to be gained with education. In addition, it will be easier to find a job, the job you’ll find will come with better benefits (insurance, health, retirement), and you’ll be better qualified for promotions. Education will make you independent, and that is invaluable. 

5. Dreams Do Come True

Okay. Maybe you won’t invent the next wheel or microcomputer, but you can still turn your dreams into a reality. Another aspect of education and its importance is how it translates to power and privilege. A deeper understanding of how the world works will give you a conscious say in how you live your life. In your educational journey, your goals may and probably will change, but the fact that you are receiving the tools to make your dreams a reality will remain a constant. 

Education will shape your future path. It is the foundation, the key to fulfilling your aspirations. 

6. Confidence Booster

Holding a degree speaks to your level of intelligence. The hard work you will put through to study, meet deadlines, and conduct research, will be telltale signs of your capabilities. In addition, the hurdles you’ll go through and all the knowledge you’ll have gained will imbue you with self-confidence. 

This self-esteem will shape your family, social life, and career. A degree is more than just a piece of paper you receive at the end of the courses. It is a journey that will impact your whole life attitude. With education, you can structure and support arguments better, work in a team, make mental links to different scenarios and try new approaches. You will gain experience and know how to apply these skills to your life further. Education will teach you how to be successful by developing you as a person. Trust will be built within you, and nothing will seem unreachable. 

Remember! Self-confidence is the springboard for all success in life. 


Education is an eye-opening, character-developing, transforming experience. It is a true treasure to every individual and society as a whole, as it boosts our confidence and turns us into more active citizens. It can give us entry into any industry, and whatever knowledge we gain will stay with us forever. So, if you are wondering how to build a successful career, your answer is this! Educate yourself. Remember that today, education is no longer a privilege of the few, and the options, from on-campus to online and distance learning degrees, are ever-expanding. 

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