Advantages of Distance Learning Education

Are you considering applying for a distance learning programme but are unsure whether this method is right for you? E-learning has become popular for many students, especially due to the pandemic outbreak. Online degree programmes have tremendously helped students realise their educational goals. As they do not require the student’s physical presence, anyone who can’t attend campus-based lectures can still gain the knowledge. However, many of us still hesitate about distance education so let’s break down its advantages to help you decide whether it is the right choice for you.

1. Flexible Schedule 

A computer and internet connection are all you need to complete a distance learning course. Considering that many students do not want to quit their jobs while pursuing a degree, its convenience becomes its most significant benefit. Flexible online learning means e-learning coursebooks, assignments, and lectures delivered via online platforms. At GBU-Europe, we took it even further by offering offline studies, meaning students don’t need to attend online courses. Instead, the study materials are delivered to their doorstep, allowing them to study whenever and wherever they want; no time constraints here! Learn more about the distance learning studies at GBU-Europe.

2. Commuting No More

Another advantage of online education is that it frees you from the need to spend any amount of money and time commuting. You can learn from the comfort of your home or any other place you deem appropriate. No time is wasted on buses and heavy traffic; everything you need is on your computer. 

Online degrees are revolutionary within the educational world. You can enrol in academic institutions worldwide and build a network of co-students and teachers from different countries. Regardless of where you live, you are immediately a part of a larger, more diverse learning community. 

3. Worth The Money 

Distance learning degrees cost less than their on-campus equivalents. We’ve talked about how they eliminate the cost of commuting but they are also more affordable in that you avoid renting an apartment and paying for bills and food. Look at the tuition fees at GBU-Europe and think about how much money you could save for your future! Tuition fees are the biggest hurdle for most students desiring a university-level education. This way, you save up and still gain a proper higher education. 

4. Do It At Your Own Pace 

If you are working, have a shy personality, or have low self-confidence, going to the classroom can be intimidating. With distance learning, all that disappears. Autonomous, disciplined and motivated learners can learn at their own pace without hindrance, peer pressure, or awkward classroom moments. For any questions you may have or guidance needed, you can access discussion forums or one-on-one chat rooms where faculty, co-students, or tutors can help and support you. 

5. From Anywhere? Yes! 

One of the major advantages of distance learning is the elimination of the physical geographical obstacle that goes hand in hand with in-person teaching. With e-learning platforms, universities and academic institutions are equipped to offer taught degrees to anyone without any constraint as regards location. This builds a bigger, more diverse, hence, richer learning community. You can study at the academic institution of your choice, in whatever country it may be!

6. Career Skills

The benefits of distance learning do not end here. Something that isn’t talked about enough is the chance to build transferable skills. When students develop the ability to learn via remote learning technology, they can later apply their skills to their work and other areas of their life. Transferable skills such as time management, organisation, self-motivation, research, independent working, and digital savviness are no mean feat to develop. At the pace at which remote working is applied and the ways in which telecommunication is becoming necessary, these skills will become a golden ticket into the corporate world. Employers are impressed with prospective employees who have completed distance learning degrees precisely due to the self-discipline involved. 

The numerous benefits of distance learning have rightfully placed it at the top of students’ options for higher education and a suitable alternative to in-class learning. As opposed to traditional learning, it offers more flexibility, is cost-effective, places no barriers regarding location, and helps students develop valuable skills. 

Still, wondering if distance learning education is the right choice for you? Contact us for more information.

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