Approved Tuition Centres

Study at an Approved Tuition Centre

Apart from the method of distance learning, whereby you study directly with us, we operate globally through a system of Local Tuition Centres

These Tuition Centres are provided with teaching materials by us, and they in turn undertake the delivery of the syllabus — always in strict accordance to guidelines issued by us. The exams are set and marked by our own specialist academics in order to maintain uniformity in academic standards.

All tuition centres must abide to our strict quality assurance policies and processes and are inspected annually by members of our team. 

The advantage of studying at a Local Tuition Centre is that you will be joining a community of teachers and learners. 

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List of CIM (BVI) & GBU-Europe Approved Tuition Centres

  • Cameroon Petroleum Academy (CPA), Cameroon
  • Institute of Vocational Training and Development (IVTD), Cameroon
  • National Polytechnic University Institute (NPU), Cameroon
  • Crystal Galaxy College (CGC), Ghana 
  • International Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants, Ghana 
  • Hams Technology and Management Institute (HAMS), Ghana
  • Accountancy Tuition College (ATC), Malawi
  • Bandawe Research Consultancy (BRC), Malawi
  • London Business Academy, Myanmar
  • Clarion College of Business & Technology, Nigeria
  • Docenti Global Business School, Nigeria
  • CPAPRO® (UK), Pakistan
  • The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP), Pakistan
  • London Business School, Sri Lanka
  • SEI Campus (SEI), Sri Lanka
  • East Africa College of Business, Tanzania
  • Global Education Center (GEC), UAE
  • GM Institute of International Studies, UAE
  • Legend Educational Services Center, UAE
  • ABE – ZAMBIA, Zambia
  • Ephesus Consultancy & Business Management, Zambia
  • Zanzibar School of Health, Zanzibar


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