Breaking into Business Marketing

Our guest editor for this instalment is Ms Chrissy Young, who here offers some practical advice on how to break into Business Marketing. 

Breaking into Business Marketing
Today, marketing managers know that every euro spent on marketing will have a positive return on investment. Marketing is an industry with numerous facets, starting with a split between the agency and client. The client-side means working within an organization, while the agency-side allows you to work within a particular area– whether it is market research or direct marketing. So, ask yourself:

  • Are you good at developing new marketing ideas?
  • Can you communicate your thoughts, information, and ideas clearly both verbally and writing?
  • Are you able to recognize issues and devise a suitable plan of action to resolve business problems?
  • Can you organize and assess complex business data?

These qualities are crucial to becoming a good candidate in entering the field of marketing. You can gain experience in your chosen career path by volunteering in service learning, community projects, and internships.

Adapting Your Resume to the market

Your hiring manager may have already seen dozens of resumes with the same information and details. By using a striking CV format, you can get your resume noticed, even without years of experience. Aim to include your list of skill sets that are relevant to the marketing job that you are applying for. Be sure to add links to your LinkedIn profile, online portfolio, and other useful links with evidence of leadership in marketing.

Is a Degree in Marketing Necessary?

If you want to climb up the career ladder, then yes. A degree in Marketing does not have to be based on one subject. It allows a student to develop marketing skills in the context of another, such as psychology and foreign business. In fact, a Marketing degree is open-ended, and therefore you can tailor your career to what you are truly passionate about doing.

For those coming right out of school, keep your mind focused on being “eager to learn more” rather than assuming that you know “everything” about marketing. Finding a mentor is just as important as finding the right company. Ideally, this will allow you to build networks, business experience, and potential deals in the future.

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