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Clever Ways to Market Your Consumable Product

Before you can market something, it is imperative that you know your product well and what it can do so that you can target the right audience. Chrissy jones discusses clever ways to market consumable product in our latest post.
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Why are Visual Components Key in Marketing?

An image, they say, is worth a thousand words. And perhaps more so in Marketing than anywhere else. Chrissy Jones explores the part played by visual components in Marketing.
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Collaborative Networks for Successful Entry into Emerging Economies of Africa

Many business have long struggled to enter emerging African markets. Dr Irene Kujala, Assistant Professor at Åbo Akademi University and Research Fellow at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research, offers expert advice and hard-earned insights about conducting business in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Breaking into Business Marketing

Our guest editor for this instalment is Ms Chrissy Young, who here offers some practical advice on how to break into Business…
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