Distance Learning fees

We are committed to maintaining the lowest possible fees for our students. To this effect, we have not raised our fees over the last five years – and have decided not to raise them again this year. 

Our Distance Learning fees (all payable in Euro) are as follows:

EURO                 2022 2023
Foundation Certificate – 1 year  1500 1500
Diploma/1st year of Bachelor 1500 1500
Advanced Diploma/2nd year of Bachelor     1800 1800
Bachelor/Final year of Bachelor   2100 2100
MBA – 1 year 4000** 4000**
MSc – 1 year 4000 4000
LLM – 1 year 4000 4000

** NOTE: The MBA fees quoted above cover study materials for 3 compulsory and 4 elective subjects. In case it is decided (after consultation with the student) that additional subjects should be added to the course, any additional subjects will be charged at 300 Euro per subject.

The fees listed above include:
a) Registration
b) Issuing of ID card
c) Issuing of Transcript
d) Issuing of Award Certificate
e) Books, assignments and (where applicable) lecture notes

The fees listed above do not include:
a) Application fees
b) Exemption fees (where applicable)
c) Examination fees and Examination Centre costs
d) Dissertation supervision fee (where applicable)

Tuition Centre fees

Fees for students studying at a local tuition centre will vary depending on the centre, as fees are set at the discretion of each centre. All other fees payable directly to us (application fee, examination fees, registration fee, etc.) are as below.

Refund policy

The application fee is strictly non-refundable. Students are entitled to a 90% refund of any fees within 30 days from their enrolment. After the 30-day period is over, no refund is available.


Committed to giving back to society and to empowering everyone to receive affordable, accessible, top-quality education, the Global Business University-Europe offers a large number of scholarships.

Scholarships range from 30% to 100% and cover only the programme fees. You can find more details about the types of scholarships we offer and eligibility criteria on this page.

Find out more about the various different scholarships we offer, register your interest, and apply here

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Undergraduate application fee

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