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There is a reason why 15,000 individuals have chosen Global Business University-Europe as their academic path. After graduation, we ask our students about their experience with our University; and we are glad to say that their comments and reviews are overwhelmingly positive, both for their studies and future professional opportunities. But, you know, you, as well, could be a GBU-Europe graduate with a bright future ahead of you; let us explain why!

  1. Flexible Learning Experience / Distance Education

One of the primary elements that make GBU-Europe unique is its overall flexibility. Our students can choose between studying on-location at one of our Approved Tuition Centres and a fully remote option that enables students to study from wherever they are according to their schedule and personal needs. In addition, our students have the freedom to start their studies whenever they want; no limitations there!

  1. Recognisability & Dual Degrees

GBU-Europe features numerous collaborations between internationally-recognised universities, meaning that students graduating with selected GBU-Europe degrees can, at the time of graduation, also be issued equivalent degrees from globally recognised universities, so a second degree. Moreover, our progression agreements with top universities allow our graduates to continue their studies at another partner university, for example, the University of West London. GBU-Europe also has progression agreements with established skill development organisations like ABE UK; thus, professionals can join GBU-Europe for their undergraduate and postgraduate studies under specific criteria.

  1.  Financial Flexibility

Apart from flexibility in their studying schedule, students also have flexibility on a financial front. GBU-Europe allows its students to pay the academic fees in instalments and offers an additional 6-month window to pay the first instalment after accepting their confirmation letter. The individuals that decide to study with us can spread the cost throughout their studies to accommodate their financials without feeling pressured or obligated into an inconvenient payment, not to mention the availability of partial scholarships. 

  1. Constant Support

Our Student Support Team provides all students with constant support throughout the academic journey. If you choose GBU-Europe for your studies, you can rely on the professionalism of our team, which consists of highly-qualified individuals who are always happy to assist you. You will also be assigned a personal tutor and have access to a dedicated administrative staff member to help you with all practical queries.

  1. Countless Opportunities Post-Graduation

All of our programmes have been developed with one idea: to ensure you can apply everything you’ve learnt in the real world as soon as you graduate. After graduation, you will have the skills needed to pursue your desired career or even continue your academic journey with another degree. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary tools to achieve your dreams.

  1. A Big Community of Alumni

Upon graduation, you will join a community of over 15,000 graduates around the world, all of whom are in key positions in the business world. Some of them have gone on to acquire doctorate degrees from prestigious universities which allow them to become professors themselves or even to secure promotions and better opportunities in their professional fields; that could be you too!

Don’t hesitate to peruse the career fields available on the GBU-Europe website and hit that apply button when ready to take the next step towards your professional future.

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