Part–Time Distance Learning MBAs

A good education is widely accepted as one of the main fundamentals needed for a succesful career in business.

Thanks to part-time distance learning, almost everyone is in a position to become a proud owner of an MBA certificate – if they want it enough.
Part–Time Distance Learning MBAs programmes is the ideal choice for people who want to receive a formal education and do not afford to leave their jobs.
If you are certain that an MBA is what you really need to advance in your career, then it is time to start looking into business schools that offer part–time MBA programmes.
As in all matters, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of part-time distance learning.
Below we tried to list the main points of both sides :
 Advantages of part–time distance learning study:

  • The cost is generally lower than traditional campus-based programs, and most times (depending on the school,) you have access to the same faculty and resources as full–time campus-based students.
  • Many employers seem to encourage part time education as it allows you to combine real professional expertise with academic knowledge.
  • Also, you maintain more flexibility as home-base programs allows you to work around your schedule, time and pace.

Disadvantages of part–time distance learning study:

  • The main issue is that it is very difficult to balance classes, work and personal life. This is why managing through the years of study is seen as a difficult undertaking which can prove to be stressful for many people.
  • At some schools, part–time or distance learning program is different for students, as they may not have access to the same faculty and or resources.
  • Part–time students sometimes find themselves competing against full–time students, who often enroll in the same classes but have more time to study and prepare. This can intensify the academic pressure. 

There are a lot of pros and cons when arguing for or against part time home study, but if you’re really choosing between part–time study and no study at all, then the former is surely a wiser option. With advanced planning and good time management, part–time students can earn an MBA and have access to the many opportunities such a degree offers.

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