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The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (BVI) – Global Business University-Europe is a world-class university registered and licensed as a company in the British Virgin Islands. It has been offering its own Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Bachelors, and Master programmes for over two decades. 

We have a track record and a legacy embracing a global family of more than 10,000 graduates. 

Our new logo reflects our growing ambition and is a more accurate descriptor of an institution offering world-class university-level education, in many different fields of business, and all around the globe.

We are listed in the IAU/UNESCO International Handbook of Universities and we enjoy world-class partnerships and memberships. We are members of the prestigious Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. 

All of the programmes offered by The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (BVI) – Global Business University-Europe have been developed by specialist faculty at our Knowledge Partner in Cyprus, and have been specifically designed to be offered outside of Cyprus – so all the programmes have an international outlook. All the processes and standards are similarly set by our Knowledge Partners in Cyprus.

Moreover, we have an exclusive affiliation with the International University of Management (IUM) in Namibia – a university fully accredited by the Namibia Qualifications Authority and the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). Students graduating with selected Cyprus Institute of Marketing (BVI) – Global Business University-Europe degrees can, at the time of graduation, also be issued an equivalent degree from IUM. IUM also welcomes our graduates into their PhD programme.   

We also have progression agreements with established professional bodies like ABE while internationally-renowned universities like the University of West London welcome applications from our graduates. 

Unlike some other distance learning universities, we are open, transparent, and always honest with our students. We have been serving students around the world for twenty years, and we have never knowingly disappointed anyone. 

As part of our dedication to openness and transparency, we always ask all prospective students upon application to check the recognition/accreditation status of our degrees with their local authorities before commencing their studies with us. 

Our Ethos

We believe that universities should be guided by the principles of free and open debate and respect for those of different backgrounds or opinions. As members of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (the oldest university association in the world), we have signed and abide by ACU’s declaration. We:

  • Affirm our belief in the principles of tolerance, respect, and understanding outlined in the Commonwealth Charter.
  • Strive to develop an environment in which all students can understand and pursue their beliefs, in the spirit of mutual understanding and respect, and use these as a pathway to wider moral and personal development.
  • Support the provision of opportunities in the curriculum and extracurricular activity to foster this mutual understanding and respect.
  • View these initiatives as part of a wider commitment to academic, social, and international development.
  • Recognise our responsibility, both as institutions or individuals, to work together and lead by example in pursuing the above principles.

Welcome from our Knowledge Partner

Some people say that business today does not offer the same opportunities as it did in earlier times; they cite continuous economic uncertainty, high taxes, and government intervention as factors that hinder opportunities. 

At The Cyprus Institute of Marketing – Cyprus’s best business school – we firmly believe that opportunities abound as ever, but that they are there for those willing to work hard and diligently towards success. And this is the principle followed by Global Business University – Europe too.

All programmes offered by Cyprus Institute of Marketing (BVI) – Global Business University-Europe have been expertly designed by academics from The Cyprus Institute of Marketing – in consultation with various experts in the industry. Working under the systematic guidance and ethics imposed by programmes powered by The Cyprus Institute of Marketing, you will multiply your effectiveness as a business manager many times over. 

If you are ready for the journey towards becoming a global business leader, I urge you to join Cyprus Institute of Marketing (BVI) – Global Business University-Europe. It will, inevitably, be a challenging journey. But you will come to treasure the adventure and by the time you arrive at your destination – a top quality qualification – you will be a wiser and stronger individual.

As we say at The Cyprus Institute of Marketing, the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. 


We are proud to have as our Knowledge Partner one of Europe's top Business Schools. Find out more about our Knowledge Partner at

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Our mission is to offer the best education at the most affordable price. We strive to advance learning and knowledge through offering high-quality, affordable, and flexible programmes to students from all over the world, irrespective of their religion, race, gender or ethnic origin and, in so doing, to contribute to the development of a truly international business community.

Our vision is to build an active community of graduates by providing high quality, affordable, and accessible education.

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