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We wouldn’t be where we are without the trust and support of our alumni (both the Distance-Learning students and those who have pursued a course at one of our Local Tuition Centres globally) – a total of over 15,000!

Our current and former students are the most suitable to speak for our – and their – success. Some of their comments follow.


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" It’s been my pleasure to obtain my Master’s degree at The Global Business University-Europe. The Institute has made distance learning and flexibility a possibility for me. The staff are helpful, professional, and highly skilled. They are accommodating for students’ academic needs and the support provided has been prompt, concise and clear. I received immediate replies to my questions online. The customer service I received was at a very high standard during enrolment too. It was a pleasure to study at this university and I appreciate the wealth and depth of material throughout the course of study. I would definitely recommend The Global Business University-Europe to anyone! "
Maha Chehab
MSc in Business Psychology, 2021
" The Institute is extremely well organised, providing easy access to excellent resources. Their educational programmes are upfront and effective. They have a team of skilful academics who are most willing to impart their knowledge, professionalism and expertise. Thanks to GBU-Europe, with my current position as Head of Sales and Marketing, I am more capable with my profession. Now, I have a wider perception with regards to issues related to International Marketing. GBU-Europe has helped me to hone my marketing skills and business competence. "
Mireille Akl
Head of Sales and Marketing, UAE
" Having completed my studies atGBU-Europe, my experience has been absolutely wonderful. It seems just like yesterday that I enrolled for my studies. Today, a few years after my enrolment and subsequent completion of my course, I can testify to the fact that this university really subscribes to global development and economic growth by training and developing peoples’ capabilities. When I first enrolled, my heart was filled with so much fear of the unknown which was generated from past experiences with other institutions. I once enrolled with other schools and the support system was non-existent. However, at GBU-Europe, the student support system is a priority and that’s the key to their students’ success -- you are constantly engaging with the school. The programmes are designed with the global economic and business arena at heart and are very practically-oriented, taking into consideration the many challenges companies face, operating in the global village today. One thing that touched me the most is that even the Director-General of the school is directly involved in student mentoring and is once in a while ‘our enquiry officer’. While this is hard to believe, their programmes are designed to help you become progressively relevant in the business world and the final part is that as a student I had so much fun. "
Tobie Aupindi
Student 2006-09, Managing Director NWR, Namibia
" It was a tremendous experience to be a part of GBU-Europe as a student. The knowledge I gained has made me more confident in terms of expressing myself. "
Hasina Akhter
Fashion Design & Business Student, 2013-16, GEC centre, UAE
" GBU-Europe has given me the platform to work with international organisations as a tutor and has helped me improved my intellectual skills. "
Halima Begum
Business Administration Student, 2013-16, GEC centre, UAE
" I really enjoyed the three year program course (BBA) provided by GBU-Europe. It was very flexible and it has helped emerge as a successful student. "
Bilal Aslam
Business Administration Student, 2013-16, GEC centre, UAE
" I have benefitted a lot from all the informative subjects provided by GBU-Europe. It has made my basics in marketing really strong and is benefitting me now at my work. "
Ammar Mustafa
Business Administration Student, 2013-16, GEC centre, UAE
" My main reason for choosing GBU-Europe out of the lot is the global recognition, accreditation and the world-class standing and nature of GBU-Europe Programmes. As an MBA Tourism Management student, I really admired and appreciate the effective and efficient way the Institution has been coordinating the Distance-Learning scheme. I received all course materials and books on time, the Prescribed Examinations are taking on schedule and hitch free and exam results arrived on time too. In addition to these, I also admired the Student Intranet Platform, which enables students to access all online materials and resources and provides everything on the spot. That is really amazing. In my candid opinion, GBU-Europe is a cutting-edge global Institution. I would not hesitate to recommend GBU-Europe to any prospective student wanting to build a strong and successful career in the future. I am already making progress in my career as a result of studying with GBU-Europe. "
Bafoday Keita
MBA Tourism Student, 2015-, Senior Associate, Housekeeping Division, Ridge Crest (BMA), Bristol City, UK
" The programmes at GBU-Europe provide practical knowledge and skills that translate directly to the workplace. I could take what I had learned in class the night before and apply it at work the next morning. I have benefited greatly from the MBA in Logistics, which has made me so much more effective in my job. The GBU-Europe MBA was an investment that has paid off. It has broadened my vision and has helped me to look at things from a fresh perspective. Since graduating, I have been promoted to the position of Personal Assistant to the United Nations Operation Unit, led by the International Operations Manager. "
Martha Nangobi
CIS Student 2008-11 and 2012-16, Uganda, BBA 2008 to 2011
Administration Officer in United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA)
" Having a background in Information Technology and serving in Public Policy formulation and implementation, the blending of the MBA programme provided the missing link that I need to spur critical and strategic thinking. GBU-Europe has built a reputation in providing globally-recognised knowledge "
Ambrose Ruyooka
MBA Financial & Computer Management Student, 2008-11,
Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports, Uganda, student at CIS, Kampala, Uganda
" Studying at GBU-Europe has been such a pleasure and I enjoyed every bit of the journey towards acquiring my PhD degree. After acquiring my MBA Degree in Zimbabwe, I feared moving forward to a PhD Degree but GBU-Europe were with me throughout the journey. Their student interaction is excellent and soothes away the pains of study. Their efficiency of marking assignments and examinations coupled with valuable feedback made me confidently feel like I was at their campus while I was a long distance learner! I couldn’t ask for more. GBU-Europe are recognised for depth of coverage and quality of education, and just after enrolling with them, I started being accepted as a lecturer at local universities and professional institutions. When I was scouting for a university to enrol for a PhD, I chose GBU-Europe out of an array of both local and international choices as it has the best programmes for long distance learning and also for the working class. "
Matsvimbo Dida
PhD student, Zimbabwe, Group Senior Manager, FBC Holdings Limited
" I am very pleased to inform you that I have been assigned duties of Assistant Director for primary schools in the Ministry of Education in Mauritius. In 2006, I was promoted from Head Master to School Inspector. After 3 years, I was promoted to Senior school Inspector and then to Principal School Inspector. Today, I am occupying the highest post in the Primary school Inspectorate. I am grateful to everyone at GBU-Europe, for it is thanks to my GBU-Europe degree that I have been able to get these promotions. "
Deyvindrah Sanasy
MBA Global Corporate Strategies Student, 2016-17, Mauritius
" I would like to share my joy and happiness and let you know that the University of Oxford has confirmed my application and offered me a place for studies. I believe this has gone through without difficulties because of my ability to persuade the University to accept me with a qualification I had already obtained from your esteemed Institute. I will remain indebted to GBU-Europe for opening me the doors to one of the world's most prestigious Universities. "
Emanuel Aru
" Having completed my Bachelor in Tourism Management with The Global Business University-Europe, I decided to continue my studies in the UK for a Masters degree. I was very happy to note that the Degrees offered by GBU-Europe enjoy worldwide recognition and are highly regarded amongst academics. As such, I was able to secure a place for M.Sc. in Tourism and Travel Management (Part-Time) at the University of Nottingham Business School. Moreover, I secured a place for a Taught Master’s Program in Management with Tourism Management (1 year, full-time). I want to express my gratitude to the Institute and to wish it every success in the future. "
Paul Okumu
(Student 2007-2010), Channel Islands, UK
" I hope and pray that this communication finds you in good health. I am communicating to inform you that the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration I obtained from GBU-Europe has enabled me to get a job as lecturer at Nkokonjeru Institute of Management. When I joined this Institute, I was introduced to management and the mode of study at GBU-Europe enabled me to be named the co-ordinator of Graduate Studies at the college. Thank you for everything. "
Bujjasi Bbaale Muharman
" Shortly after completing my MBA in PR & Advertising, I was appointed Head of Marketing, Corporate Communications and Product Development. Studying with GBU-Europe provided me with in-depth knowledge and practical skills. The support through the internet and local library at the Centre (CIS) was immense. "
PrimeRose Kobusingye
CIS Student 2012-13, Uganda, Head of Marketing and Communication ECOBANK Uganda CIS, Uganda
" I have no words to express my joy and happiness of my graduation day. How sweet it is to see the final day where one harvests his successful result of paid sacrifices. I am honoured to have done it through your continued guidance and personal assistance. I will remain indebted toGBU-Europe. Thank you so much. "
Mengistu Adelahu
Area Manager, Ethiopian Airlines, Ghana

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