Why Distance Learning Works for so many of us

Online learning may be a relatively new concept, but studying remotely has actually been around since 1892. 

Online learning may be a relatively new concept, but studying remotely – what we call distance learning – has actually been around since 1892. Since its conception at the University of Chicago, it has become increasingly popular. There are different learning strategies for different types of learners. But if you are someone who likes optimising their efforts and learning while keeping a well-balanced life, you may find that these three reasons to study via Distance Learning apply to you too:

1) It’s affordable

With the price of education having risen internationally, it is harder than ever for people to expand their knowledge when they also have to pay for their everyday expenses. With distance learning, you are getting the same education at a lower cost – allowing you to combine the cost of education with the rest of life’s expenses.

2) Flexibility of studying anywhere

Another problem with traditional university courses is that they involve physical transportation. You cannot be everywhere at once. Not only is there the inconvenience of having to continuously go back and forth from a campus to a job, but it is also time (and money) lost on transportation – when you could be spending that time more efficiently, for example, by studying in the comfort of your own home. Distance Learning affords students the flexibility of choosing universities outside their home countries, without having to make the sacrifice of a big move. With Distance Learning, you can learn from a highly-accredited university without it necessarily being in close physical distance to you. This allows you to hold onto limitless learning opportunities.

3) Accommodates a good life balance

Being a university student, whether in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, is like having a full-time job. For many of us, being a student isn’t our only job. For those of you who work while being a student, you may be looking for a programme that allows you a good work-life balance. When enrolled in a Distance-Learning programme, such as the various programmes we offer at CIM (BVI), you have the benefit of studying when and where you want, at your own convenience, around your other work schedules. This allows you to create your own life/work balance.

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